Monday, November 28, 2011

Children's Literature in the Post-Patriarchal Era

Children's books propagandized the gender role reversal of the Post-Patriarchal Era. For example, here are some pages from the Golden Book titled When I Grow Up, published in 2025.

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  1. Suppose schools may also have to have a modern version of 'JANE and DICKIANNE'

    This is Jane.
    She is Female.

    This is Dickianne
    He is only male.

    Jane is strong.
    Dickianne is weak, but he is pretty.

    Jane plays baseball.
    Dickianne loves his dollhouse.

    Jane can wear pants.
    Dickianne may wear only skirts and dresses.

    Jane will go to college.
    Dickianne will be a housewifette.

    Someday Jane and Dickianne will grow up.
    Jane will tell Dickianne what to do.
    Dickianne will do it.

    Dickianne cries a lot.
    When he grows up he will still cry.
    Jane will always laugh at him when he does.