Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Social Norms Evolve

Social norms changed to reflect the superior status of females and the inferior status of males in the Post-Patriarchal Era.

For example, by the the fourth decade of the 21st Century, females objectified males sexually. Females made passes at pretty boys. Ogling attractive males and whistling at them was commonplace.

On the other hand, chivalry returned in the Post-Patriarchal Era and the gentlewomen in society typically acted with deference to the laddies. For example, a gentlewoman would hold a door open for a laddy or give up her seat to a laddy on public transportation.


  1. very nice and entincing! Can we hope soon to see a female pilot with male stewardess and a male prostitute with policewoman? thanks!

  2. I don't understand. This is me everyday (and night). Women should be in charge, it's only natural but why would they want to wear what we used to know as men's clothes. I must go now I have the ironing to do.

  3. I really love the office dress look on us guys.It's even especially made better when the guys not in any kind of wig. But just being himself with his own short hair. Or maybe his short hair, done up in a feminine hairstyle,haircut.

  4. In the second image the woman, dressed in her pants, has an irrepressible desire to know what is under the man's skirt, and what is the treasure that keeps under her pretty panties.