Friday, August 5, 2016

A Popular Ad Campaign from the 2040s


  1. Guys that have their balls removed will of course hand them over to their spouses or girlfriends.As they are now totally and 100% completely and thoroughly, docile and submissive to their mates. Caring for them and doing anything and everything they wish or command of them. Women in this new era have the perfect thing to do with men's balls, since the docile, little, honey's won't be needing them anymore.They'll have them shrunken down a bit. Separated down the middle. Then have them Preserved like a Taxi-dermis would do.And finally after there just the right size and preserved have them mounted in earrings settings for the most wonderful of all ever earrings you have ever OWNED !!!Your Sweeties NUTS..From that point on NO MAN can ever say you DON'T have the BALLS to get the job done, or to do what it takes..All you gotta do is LOOK THAT MAN IN THE FACE AND GIVE YOUR HEAD just a soft little turn back and forth. The SWINGING of the BALLS will TELL ALL !!! YOU"VE GOT IT BABY. YOU GOT THE BALLS, AND THEN SOME!! Enjoy Ha Ha HE HE

  2. it would certainly make the world a far better place