Thursday, March 10, 2016

House Gent, 2027

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  1. Perfect, perfection, absolutely wonderful. What all of us guys (Men & Boys )should be hoping and looking forward to achieving. Total and complete equality in NOT only dressing but in the whole 100% fashion world as well.Us men & boys will be loving our complete wide new world of clothing choices. All the new soft and silky,sensuous materials to indulge ourselves in,Oh my!!The complete line of cosmetic beauty products to enhance and glorify our wonderful faces...So what we've heard it makes us guys a loads more Docile & completely Submissive to your Gals every little wishes and demands.Us guys really do like pleasing you ladies now more as it seems you do deserve it so much.It's about time you ladies started only wearing Pants and gave up on the dresses & skirts. Some how they didn't really suit you.Yep you gals are much better suited for Pants.It just somehow seems natural to be saying "Woman Should Be Wearing The Pants In The Family". You know what I mean??