Friday, January 1, 2016

On the Newsstand, Winter of 2033


  1. I'm growin and I know that Santa Clause doesn't really exist. But if somehow, it really were possible to have an alter realty other and different then this one. And just say that reality did have a Santa Clause, well then If I could ask for one thing it would be. To make it so all guys in the world would have about the same build as the guy in the above photo. Not overweight or skinny but in-between just average.Were all male employees by mandatory dress code must wear dresses or skirt outfits.NEVER PANTS--those were only to be allocated to females to wear when chosen to...Where the world's key important positions were now in females hands.Us guys were taking the secondary jobs or becoming homemakers for our breadwinner and head of household wives. We were now the new househusbands..Yes a Santa Clause wish of this kind of reality would be one that I'd wish for...Oh my that female Boss in the above photo is probably and most likely telling her male employee that his Skirt length is Way Much to long. Yes she says, the hem definitely will need to be shortened. It will need to be shorter then her's even.Yes it'l need to go up by 5 inches. Yes Five inches will do.