Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On the Newsstand in 2027



  1. Please I've mentioned this point on the internet plenty of times in the last couple of years. SUFFICE IT TO SAY THERE ARE MANY SOURCES THAT YOU CAN FIND ON THE INTERNET AND ELSEWHERE. THAT US GUYS (Boys & Men) OF ALL AGES AND BACKGROUNDS ARE WANTING AND HAVE A TRUE DESIRE TO WEAR SKIRTS.MAYBE DRESSES ALSO IF THEY LOOK RIGHT. The Reason Guys Don't Do So Now Is Because They Don't Want To Be The Only Ones Out There All Alone Doing So.They Don'T Want To Get Put Down And Laughed At Needlessly.----I have a possible solution to finally get us guys into skirts once and for all...{(--I'D REALLY APPRECIATE IT, IF YOU, THE READER OF THIS ARTICLE COULD SOMEHOW PASS THIS IDEA ON SO US GUYS CAN FINALLY GET TO WEAR SKIRTS IN PUBLIC !!! THANK YOU--)}...My Idea: If a Uniform Company somewhere where to be able to introduce SKIRTED UNIFORMS FOR BOYS into one school somewhere that has uniforms at it's school. This would be done on a Purely Voluntary Trial Basis to give the BOYS at that school a choice if they even want to wear them or not.(As I stated Us GUYS of all ages are really desiring and wanting to wear Skirts). There would probably be only a very few brave soul BOYS at first to start wearing them. They may get jeered at roughed up a bit at first. Yes by the 1st half the year it'll be a little slow. But in the background they'll be some talking among some of the girls on how they would find it sexy if the boys were to all wearing the SKIRTED UNIFORMS.Yes by the 2nd half of the schools year I can Guarantee you that almost all the BOYS would be wearing the SKIRTED SCHOOL UNIFORM. So becoming a success at that school, The Uniform Company would then be able to take them to other schools throughout the United States and they soon be a successful throughout the country..YES ---SCHOOL BOY SKIRTS---would once and for all be a reality..Oh yes schools without uniform programs at their schools would most likely get them as BOYS would be actually be Requesting them at their schools also....So finally boys in a group setting would be confident enough to go freely among each other wearing their Skirted Uniforms,and they'd probably be garnishing some sweet attention from some of the girls...So boys would soon be accumulated to wearing the Skirts at school and they would then get interested in some for just about everywhere. They would start wearing jean skirts and others..So it wouldn't be to far into the future before stores everywhere started selling SKIRTS and Maybe some Dresses also to us GUYS.(Boys & Men)...SO PLEASE PASS THIS IDEA AROUND READERS OF THIS ARTICLE. SO MAYBE AN ACTUAL UNIFORM COMPANY SOMEWHERE IS TRULY ABLE TO IMPLEMENT THIS PROGRAM INTO A SCHOOL SOMEWHERE. SO ONCE AND FOR ALL US GUYS(BOYS & MEN) CAN FINALLY START WEARING SKIRTS, AND MAYBE DRESSES ALSO, IF THEY LOOK RIGHT. Thank You Very Much..

    1. Yes - start them when they're young and you will have them for the rest of their lives!

  2. There’s been reports in British newspapers multiple times in recent years, a different school in each case, the boys have chosen albeit as a protest at no shorts allowed in the uniform for summer, to wear instead the skirt the girls would wear. The boys find the skirts cooler than long trousers in the current heatwave in UK. The schools in time introduced shorts to the boys uniform for summer. Unfortunate for the boys who prefer the skirt.