Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Happy Homemaker, 2045

As the mid 21st century mark approached, the Post-Patriarchal male was completely domesticated, respectfully subservient, and accepted his status as the "weaker sex."

Young adult males in 2045 represented the second generation of the modern males and were fully acclimated to that role because they grew up under the matriarchy and knew no other way.

As a result, modern male fashion was not the anathema to the second generation as it was to previous generations. They not only accepted, but they adored the "new masculine" attire, hairstyles, makeup, etc. and they happily acquiesced to their role serving the females.

(The accompanying photos were part of a fashion spread that appeared in the April 2045 issue of Good Housekeeping. It featured film actor Sonnia Suchere modeling wifely attire of the day. Miss Suchere had recently won an Oscar for his portrayal of Sugar Kane Kowalczyk in the remake of Some Like It Hot.) 

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  1. Stanaaa! So amazing to read you posts again! Good work, girl!