Saturday, June 11, 2011

Restroom Signs

By the quarter century mark of the 21st Century, updated restroom signs reflected the practicality of female fashion and the emancipation of male fashion in the Post-Patriarchal Era.


  1. are the urinals in the mens room or are they in the womens ?

  2. Oh Stana... of course there shall soon be none. The modesty and chastity devices that future males all learn to wear from an early age keep their dainty 'femi-male' parts docilely restricted downward making it impossible to stand while relieving themselves. And the considerably smaller size seats and openings on male 'TINKLETTES as toilets in male lavatories have become to be called force the little dears to keep their legs tightly together so as not to miss and mess while their bodily needs are met in the most deferential and ladylike decorum required of the weaker sex.